Alex Mustard has been taking photographs underwater for more than 30 years (Alex’s bio). Underwater Photography Masterclass is his brand new book sharing what he has learned (more about the book).


the definitive handbook for serious underwater photographers” SCUBA magazine

the very best publication… on the subject of underwater photography” DIVER magazine


* Covers classic and cutting edge techniques

* Explains exactly how to do it, and points out the common mistakes

* Teaches from the perspective of light

* Detailed insight from someone totally immersed in this world

* Not just coral reefs, photography in all underwater conditions

* Presents a vision for how to think about your photography and your lighting

* Helps you select the best photographic equipment and accessories

* Promotes the fun and opportunities of being an underwater photographer




Excerpt from the introduction:

“In this inspiring underwater world, the challenge is rarely deciding what will make a great picture. Rather, it is capturing it. Few branches of photography are as technically demanding and unforgiving of poor technique. Just as Michelangelo needed to master the chisel before carving a marble block into the statue of David, underwater photographers need to learn photo techniques, particularly lighting, to truly express themselves artistically. The aim of this book is to arm you with the techniques that will allow you to produce outstanding images in the full range of underwater conditions. It will also introduce you to many creative techniques that will transform your underwater portfolio from your very next dive.”